Summer Sermon Series

Dear Discover Church Family, The United States is in a crisis.¬†We have instant access to information…and misinformation.¬†Advertising and opinions are thrust invasively in front of our eyes. These come through written text that can be published in a moment without the requirement of using resources to transfer ideas into print print with physical qualities. TheseContinue reading “Summer Sermon Series”

What’s Multicultural Church?

It’s the church. This is a topic we’ll look more deeply at in Re:Discovering the Mission of God, but this question has come up recently, so I’m taking some time to cover it here. In Re:Discovering the Mission of God, we are taking time to go through Scripture and challenge our assumptions. We all haveContinue reading “What’s Multicultural Church?”

Faith Over Fear in 2022

The Two Dog Analogy Have you ever heard the analogy of the two dogs? My guess is that most of us have heard this in some form or another. Many, like me, have probably heard a version of it in a sermon before. It’s made its way into pop culture. The illustration made its wayContinue reading “Faith Over Fear in 2022”

Re:Discovering the Mission of God

Here’s the tentative but mostly certain plan for ReDiscovering the Mission of God together. For anyone who would like more background for this, please email or call and ask; if you’ve missed a few Sundays, especially. This is an essential process of learning, praying, and growing, so we who are entrusted with leading will beContinue reading “Re:Discovering the Mission of God”