Re:Discovering the Mission of God

Here’s the tentative but mostly certain plan for ReDiscovering the Mission of God together. For anyone who would like more background for this, please email or call and ask; if you’ve missed a few Sundays, especially. This is an essential process of learning, praying, and growing, so we who are entrusted with leading will be one unified body under the Lordship of Jesus.

“Many are asking, ‘Who can show us anything good?”
Let the light of your face shine on us, LORD.
You have put more joy in my heart
than they have when their grain and new wine abound.”
Psalm 4:7

“Taste and see that the LORD is good.
How happy is the person who takes refuge in him!”
Psalm 34:8

The LORD is good! Our shared time with Him, of course, isn’t just limited to Sunday morning. When we experience the grace of God in fellowship with other Christians, Sunday mornings just aren’t enough. Especially if we are attempting to do a great thing for God, we respond by coming together with a posture of humility, a posture of inviting Christ to reveal what is hindering us, and to do what will make us into the people and the church He desires us to be. We are actively putting ourselves into a position of inviting the Holy Spirit to empower God’s truth to transform us, sanctify us, and lead us. It’s by, for, and because of Jesus that we exist and gather!

Jesus prayer is ours as well: “I pray not only for these, but also for those who believe in me through their word. May they be one, as you, Father, are in me, and I am in you. May they also be in us, so that the world may believe you sent me.” John 17:20-21

See some of you tonight (Tuesday) at 6:30 or Sunday at 9:20!

If you can’t make either of those times but want to experience this together, a third weekday time may work, if there are at least 3 who would be dedicated to being there…we may do it in a different location, too!

ReDiscover the Mission of God: January-August

January: Prayer

We read that the early church spent great amounts of time together in prayer. Why hasn’t this been our norm? Are we praying like they prayed? Where did our modes and methods of prayer develop from? Are we praying like Jesus taught?
A person who isn’t abiding in Christ can expect to accomplish nothing. Abiding is prayer. If we cannot commit to prayer, and praying as Jesus has taught us, it’s a hard truth, but we are wasting our time.
There is no unity without praying together, putting aside the will of each individual and seeking the will of the LORD. If we don’t do this together, we cannot expect that our decisions will be to God’s glory.
There are many other voices who have spoken to us of prayer. The prayer-filled life is not only for elite Christians, but for every Christian, as something we do together and in our lives as individuals.

February: The Church and the Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is here. The Kingdom of God is the reign of Christ.
The church is the visible expression of a people brought into Jesus’ reign, a people gathered together into his salvation and his rule.
The church is also a body, in which every one has a part in glorifying Christ together on the earth.
We are all coming with different ideas of what the church is. It’s essential we have a shared understand of what the church is and what the Bible teaches us our mission is…and also recognize the things it’s been made into that miss the heart and mission of God.

March: The Gospel…

The Gospel is the good news of Christ’s victory.
What did Christ have victory over?
Is Christ’s victory something that only captures us at one moment in our lives, is it only for those who do not know Christ?
What is the relevancy of the Gospel to us today?

April: Culture…

A culture emerges every time come together on a consistent basis.
In time, culture becomes normal and assumed to those within it, and it leads to unwritten rules and expectations are formed. Outsiders only become insiders when they put on the culture of the group.
The Bible is greater than culture and was also written within particular cultures at certain points in time.
We need the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth, so we may understand how to effectively communicate the work of Christ to those within our reach who God has put here that they may reach out and find Him.
Understanding culture will help us to understand ourselves in the light of the Gospel as well as those who are yet to know Christ.

May: The Church and Culture

We need to understand the power of culture in our expression of the Gospel and how it is a hindrance or conduit of the Gospel. A healthy church culture will lead to multiplication of disciples, period.
We’ve revisited the basics: the Gospel, the church, and culture. Now let’s get specific: what does it look like for our church to engage this culture with the Gospel and make disciples?
We will take time to get out and know this community…not invite people to church, but ask them questions. These will help us to understand how to communicate the Gospel into the broken and needy places, to know those things we can do to radically welcome those who are lost, proclaim Christ and his kingdom to them, to their healing and being built up to serve Christ as well.

June: Spirit-Given Gifts to Serve

Ministry isn’t about us. God gives gifts to us that we may serve others with. We do a lot of stuff, but don’t we want to be doing the things that will bring glory to Christ’s Name?
Taking a test on paper doesn’t reveal the things of the Spirit. But others around you, with the Holy Spirit and discernment, can. Our gifts become evident in the course of serving. They don’t pigeon hole us into one thing, but they help others to know Christ and his love to a greater degree.
We’ll discuss spiritual gifts, and also look at the fruit of the Spirit, which is of greater importance. If we can identify spiritual gifts and callings, we will. If we can’t that’s OK…we can still serve and be on a process of discovery together. Some of the gifts aren’t absolutely static, anyway, while some are.
At this time, we’ll get personal.

July: Form (Ministry Teams)

We’ll work toward bringing things into a certain form, a new DNA with (Jesus) vision-focused, (Spirit-led) mission-faithful, (Biblical) values-saturated culture that will be effective within our community while oriented toward multiplication.
We’ll identify those who have the character, faith, calling, and life of the Spirit to lead forward—while also renewing/continuing some of the current roles and ministries to the extent they are discerned as supporting the mission, vision, and values.
We won’t do sign up sheets, but will have conversations and invitations. We anticipate that every person within the church will be invited to be part of a ministry team, that commitments and expectations will be clear, and they will be appropriate. Many people will continue in the same roles as now, when committed to listening & contributing ideas tried and true as well as ideas new, with context of unified team.
Teams will be built within the newly developed culture of the church. The leaders will be empowered with decision-making, and will be trained in leader their teams in a way that is empowering.
Board of Ministries-type group will still provide general oversight so ministries are coordinated and faithful to culture, and leaders continue to be trained & equipped, but it will not direct what happens on teams.

August: Engage

We’ll break out into specific ministry areas and focus growth in specific things: i.e., kids’ ministry may visit another Alliance church on a Sunday to get a feel for what they’re doing; they’ll read or have read Sticky Faith together; they’ll figure out roles, schedule, become familiar with the curriculum and how to use it to teach kids to be disciples of Jesus.
Leaders in those ministry areas will provide training for their teams, pray & envisioning together.
We will put our ministries into practice, with a plan for teams to have prayer & guided discussion on what these were like the first few times.
As the LORD leads, we may set down the fishing poles for a moment and cast the big fishing net into the sea.

September: Launch

Settle into our new form.
We won’t talk a lot about “change” but the culture will be such that the Board of Ministries-type team is intentionally coming to the LORD asking what He’s doing, for His correction if needed, ready to let go, grow, or send as He would lead.
The format will be different weekly, but mostly guided discussion and small group-based
There will be homework each week, including required & suggested reading
We may take some weeks off, and a schedule will be developed soon
Attendance will be kept, and regular attendance & completion of homework essential
Tuesday evening is preferential, but a make-up session will be offered Sunday mornings at 9:20 for those unable to attend on Tuesday evenings.
In August, LORD-willing, ministry teams will form and so it is right to anticipate that everyone will be invited to serve on a ministry team, or on multiple teams, beginning in July
Those teams will have descriptions and clear commitment expectations that are appropriate for associated ministry
There is no judgment on those who choose not to participate

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