Sunday Worship

When We Gather:
Jesus Only & The Fourfold Gospel

The Fourfold Gospel is a theological form that helps us to understand the full implications of the Gospel, the full work of Jesus done on our behalf. We understand that Christ is our Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King.

When we gather with one another in worship, we follow a rhythm of worship in which we celebrate Christ’s work within our church, through our family of churches, and in the world around us. We hear testimonies of what God is doing, we have preaching from Scripture—usually expository and through a book of the Bible, but with breaks for topical series as they flow with the text. We receive invitation and encouragement to serve, to pray, to respond.

We desire the work and presence of the Holy Spirit of God, and so are intentional in recognizing and seeking the presence and work of the Holy Spirit for our sanctification, powerful transformation, and wholeness. Our full statement of faith is that of Christian and Missionary Alliance.

We are dedicated to being multicultural and multi-generational. So we aren’t locked into one form or another when it comes to our worship. In our gathered worship, we don’t show preference to hymns or to songs written today. In our gathered worship, we sing songs that declare truth while giving us the words of adoration we long to sing to our Creator in response to God’s love for us.

Our worship is not limited to Sunday morning, but it is a time we set apart to be together with our whole local church family.

Jesus Only was written by A.B. Simpson, whose life the LORD used to establish the Christian and Missionary Alliance church movement that we are a part of:

  1. Jesus only is our message,
    Jesus all our theme shall be;
    We will lift up Jesus ever,
    Jesus only will we see.

    Jesus only, Jesus ever,
    Jesus all in all we sing,
    Savior, Sanctifier, and Healer,
    Glorious Lord and coming King.
  2. Jesus only is our Savior,
    All our guilt He bore away,
    All our righteousness He gives us,
    All our strength from day to day.
  3. Jesus is our Sanctifier,
    Cleansing us from self and sin,
    And with all His Spirit’s fullness,
    Filling all our hearts within.
  4. Jesus only is our Healer,
    All our sicknesses He bare,
    And His risen life and fullness,
    All His members still may share.
  5. Jesus only is our Power,
    He the Gift of Pentecost,
    Jesus, breathe Thy pow’r upon us,
    Fill us with the Holy Ghost.
  6. And for Jesus we are waiting,
    List’ning for the advent call;
    But ’twill still be Jesus only,
    Jesus ever, all in all.